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Our Lady of Mount Carmel

“Legend tells of the seamless robe which the Blessed Virgin wove for Jesus; but, for us–and in reality–she has done much more. She has cooperated in obtaining the garment of our eternal salvation, the wedding garment in which we shall enter the banquet hall of heaven.” – Father Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalen


How to See God

Join us for this episode of Divine Intimacy Radio “How to See God” as we talk about how to see God even in the mire


Win the War For Your Thoughts

“You know that there are battles all around us. But did you know about the battle in—and for—your mind? Join me on the 31st to learn more.” – Dan Burke


Abandon All Hope? Not So Fast.

A Reflection from “After Christendom” by Michael Warren Davis Who is the man who desires life, who loves to behold good days? Keep your tongue


Renunciation and Praise

“(St. Elisabeth of the Trinity) understood the connection between renunciation and praise — Praise is the radiance of the splendor of God in a soul, the showing forth of His attributes in the world. In her thought, renunciation creates a precondition that allows such a collaboration with God to be realized.” – Anthony Lilles


Having Too Many Spiritual Directors

“Different spiritual directors will have different gifts and insights, just as different coaches have different styles of coaching – not necessarily better or worse, just different. For consistent growth, we need to follow consistent guidance.” -Father John Bartunek.

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